When your home's windows are outdated or damaged, you can often enjoy more comfortable indoor temperatures and lower heating and cooling bills with timely window replacement. Your two main options when scheduling this procedure are either full-frame or pocket replacement. If you are unfamiliar with these options, below is an introduction to each to help you make the best decision for your home.


window replacement

Full-frame replacement is often necessary when not only the glass but the frame itself needs to be replaced. If the original frame is not the right shape, was improperly insulated, or has started leaking or deteriorating, this replacement may be recommended. It is also the best solution for people who want an entirely new type of window or a size not supported by the existing frame since the entire outer frame, sashes, screen, and trim must all come off during the new installation. You can also enjoy a larger selection of window options and no need for touch-up paint when you replace the entire frame.


For this window replacement option, the frame and decorative molding around the window remain in place. Only the sash itself is replaced. Therefore, the frame must be the proper shape, free of leaks, and in good condition to stay intact. With this option, you can enjoy a lower replacement cost and a shorter installation time. However, you must replace the window with a newer one of the same type, which means it's a good choice when you only need one or two windows replaced or you're happy with the existing style. Even without the frame being replaced, any improved R-value of the new sash should reduce heat transfer and make your home more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool thanks to the improved insulation. 


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