Wine is probably not the drink that leaps to mind when you’re sitting down to a melty mac-n-cheese dinner. But the salty, creamy comfort food pairs well with a variety of wines. Here are a few options to try next time you’re enjoying your favorite cheesy macaroni.

What Wine Is Best With Mac-N-Cheese?

1. Chablis

An oak-aged white wine, Chablis is known for its lean, acidic profile. This makes it ideal for cutting through the heaviness of cheese and pasta. It’s tart enough to stand up to the dish's richness but won’t overpower more subtle mix-in flavors.

2. Pinot Noir


For meat lovers who’ve loaded up their pasta with ground beef, pulled pork, or other proteins, a low-tannin red is the way to go. The fruitiness of the wine plays well against cheese but can stand up to heartier meat flavors. Richer and fuller than many white wines, pinot noir works well on cold evenings when comfort food is the real goal.

3. Riesling 

The mild sweetness of off-dry Riesling pairs well with the savory-salty notes of a cheese sauce. Its sugar makes it an excellent counterpoint to spicy add-ins like jalapeños or chiles. It acts as a palate cleanser throughout the meal since it's a more acidic wine.

4. Lambrusco

It’s more common to pair cheese with white wines than reds, but not always necessary. A lightly-sparkling Italian red wine, Lambrusco comes in several styles, from dry to sweet. Stick to the dry or semi-dry varieties. The fat in the mac-n-cheese will smooth out any harshness.


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