Maintaining the tires on your vehicle requires more than checking the air pressure and replacing them when the tread wears down. It also involves balancing them, which ensures they have enough weight to contact the road evenly so that you have better control of the car. If you're curious about the balancing process, below are answers to several common questions.

What You Should Know About Tire Balancing

What is balancing?

In order for the wheels of a car to function properly, manufacturers place weights inside the tires to balance them. This ensures that they stay in the correct position while driving, reducing stress on your steering and suspension systems. To find out if a tire is unbalanced, a mechanic will spin the wheel with a machine at the same speeds used on highways. A computer connects to this machine and gives a readout of where weights are needed so that the mechanic can install new ones.

What are the signs you need this service?


When a tire doesn't have the proper stabilization, you may feel vibrations when you drive. Often, you will feel this on the steering wheel when traveling at faster speeds, as improper balance causes it to shake. Additionally, you may notice that the tread is wearing unevenly. This occurs because the wheel isn't making even contact with the ground, resulting in abnormal wear patterns. Also, if you hit a curb, you likely need balancing, as the impact can knock weights out of place.

What are the differences between balancing and aligning?

While balancing focuses on the tires, alignments focus on the wheel as a whole. Balancing ensures the rubber sits on the rim correctly and stays stable. An alignment adjusts the angles of the wheels, ensuring they are perpendicular to the road. This helps you drive in a straight line without needing to correct the steering constantly.

Why is balancing important?

Proper balancing saves you both time and money. When the tires maintain proper contact with the rim and ground, the tread wears evenly, which means you won't need to replace them as often. Additionally, you will take strain off the suspension system, ensuring each ride is smooth and comfortable. Improper balance can cause this system to fail, which is expensive to replace.


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