Depending on the shingle material and the type of environment you live in, a roof should last 25–30 years. However, once the shingles have started to deteriorate, you might experience leaks that could damage floors, ceilings, drywall, and furniture. You can prevent this from happening by knowing the signs that roofing should be replaced.

How to Recognize It's Time for a New Roof

1. Curling or Missing Shingles


A single missing shingle can be replaced without difficulty. However, if you notice numerous bare spots where the wind has stripped the roof of shingles, it indicates widespread deterioration or damage. The same is true if you can spot dozens of shingles curling up at the edges. Contact a reputable roofer in your area to inspect your roof, examine the flashings, and test the roof's ability to support weight. If the shingles have been missing or faulty for some time, moisture might have infiltrated the roof decking and compromised its structural integrity.

2. Sagging Roof

The roof decking is plywood that rests on the roof joists and holds the shingles. When all is well, the deck—and therefore the roofline—should be straight and true. If the roof is bowed or sagging in the middle, it indicates a serious structural problem. Moisture seepage can weaken the plywood and cause it to bend under its own weight and the weight of the shingles. If your roof is sagging, it's best to replace it before winter, when the added weight of snow could prove catastrophic.

3. Shedding Granules

Asphalt shingles are coated with mineral granules that protect against exposure to the sun's UV radiation. As the shingles age and deteriorate, they start shedding granules that wind up in your rain gutters and downspouts. If you spot handfuls of shingle granules in the troughs or on the ground around the gutter drains, it means the shingles are starting to fall apart.


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