Fall can be a great time to work outdoors, as the weather begins to cool and the chance of rain is relatively low. If you are considering some new plants for your landscape, you may be wondering when the best time might be to get started in your garden. Even though fall marks the end of the warm weather and peak gardening season, it does come with many benefits for your greenery, and here are five to consider.

Benefits of Fall Planting

1. Strong Rooting

When you work on your landscape in fall, the energy expelled by new plants goes toward rooting, which makes this critical area even stronger. Since plants do not have to work to grow and bloom, especially during winter dormancy, they will come out heartier and with a well-established support system when spring rolls in. In turn, this leads to a healthier, fuller garden.

2. Minimal Weeding

Weeds thrive in warmer temperatures, which mean your new plants have fewer infiltrators to contend with in fall. With fewer weeds interfering with roots, greenery will not have to share nutrients, water, and sunshine, making them sturdier when it is time to bloom in spring.

3. Fewer Pest Infestations

landscapeThe amount of insects goes down when the cooler temperatures come in. Not only does that mean a reduction in pest infestations that can harm your garden, but also fewer bugs nipping and pestering you as you prepare your landscape. You also see a rise in critters that help your garden grow, like ladybugs that can ward off potential threats.

4. Reduced Watering Schedule

The soil does not dry out as fast in fall, meaning you don’t have to water as much to keep plants hydrated. Watering should continue throughout the season, but your fresh seeds and bulbs won’t be in danger of scorching as they would during the summer. This saves you time and money while also making your gardening endeavor more eco-friendly.

5. Warm Soil

Even though the temperatures are cooler, the soil remains warm after the blazing months of summer. This comfortable ground temperature makes a better foundation for seeds to thrive and roots to set. As winter comes in, the root systems are already in place and not in danger of freezing, keeping them well-protected until spring.


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