While the quirks of a smaller home can be comfortable when you are young, you may eventually wonder when you should buy a house with more space. Investing in a new property can help remedy current issues and plan for changes that you may need in the future, bypassing problems before they appear. If you're unsure when to start looking for a new residence, below are several indications that you will benefit.

When Should You Buy a Bigger House?

1. Lacking Storage Space

Over time, you will likely collect more items and possessions that you want to display around the home or keep for future use. However, in a smaller residence, you may need to invest in a storage unit to clear space in the house. While off-site storage is an excellent, temporary solution to remove clutter, the monthly premium will end up costing considerable money if you need it for a long period. Plus, you can't use the unit for food, chemicals, or valuables. Instead, when you buy a house with a larger pantry, backyard shed, or spacious basement, you will have plenty of room for all your items.

2. Entertaining Challenges

If having friends over for supper requires pulling out extra tables and rearranging the living room furniture, the idea of hosting a gathering may be less appealing. With more parking for guests and a spacious kitchen, a larger home simplifies the process of having visitors. If staying social is a priority, buy a house with dedicated entertaining areas. 

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3. Growing Family

Moving to a new space can be challenging, and this is even more difficult if you have a young child. When you and your spouse are planning to start or grow the family, purchasing a new home before the pregnancy allows you to settle in easily. Then, you can design the nursery and childproof the house before they arrive, reducing stress.

4. Working From Home

If you're one of the many people who started working from home due to the pandemic, the flexibility and relaxation of this change can be exciting. However, it is difficult to focus and stay on task if the boundaries between work and home blur, especially if you will be watching the kids while they are home for the summer. Buying a new house with a dedicated office reduces these stresses, as you can stay comfortable in a quiet part of the home.


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