Hybrid vehicles use both gas and electric power. While they're usually highly reliable, they eventually require battery replacement. If you just purchased a hybrid car, understanding how its electric battery works will help you prolong its life span. Below is an introduction to the subject.

How Do You Benefit From a Hybrid Battery?

Hybrid vehicles operate on gasoline and have a lead-acid battery like traditional cars. However, they also have rechargeable electric batteries. When the electric battery has a charge, the car automatically switches to electric operation to reduce fuel consumption.

battery replacement

Combined, these two batteries improve reliability. While traditional electric cars only reach up to 250 miles before needing recharging, hybrid vehicles use gas when they run out of electric power, extending their range. 

The automatic switching feature also means you use less gasoline, pay less to run the vehicle, and reduce the car's environmental impact. As a result, those with hybrid cars can take advantage of federal tax credits and California cash rebates.

How Should You Care for a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars require the same maintenance as traditional vehicles. However, because part of the energy produced whenever the driver presses the brake pedal is converted into electricity, the pads and rotors remain cool during operation. For this reason, these parts tend to last longer in hybrid cars than fuel-based vehicles. Follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule to maintain the braking system.

Some hybrids have battery system filters that should be changed every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. With regular filter maintenance, your unit should last about eight to 10 years before requiring battery replacement.


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