One task many roofing contractors specialize in is skylight installation. These windows can be placed anywhere on a roof, but they're often added to provide natural light to rooms that are not adjacent to an exterior wall. If you have considered installing this type of feature in your business, below are some facts you should know beforehand.

What Should You Think About Before Installing a Skylight?

1. Type of Material

The two primary skylight materials are glass and plastic. Plastic is the cheaper material, and it offers shape versatility. It is also less likely to shatter under heavy impact. However, plastic is also more susceptible to scratches from blowing debris or falling branches. While glass may cost more to install, it does not scratch. Unlike plastic, which oxidizes and discolors over time due to exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, glass tends to provide a crystal clear, unobstructed view for many years.

2. Design Style

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A flat skylight can accumulate leaves, twigs, and other debris, which blocks your view and keeps natural light from entering. This is a particular problem on flat roofs, like those found on commercial buildings. Consider a dome-shaped skylight to avoid this issue. Leaves and branches slide right off the window and onto the roof surface. However, these models may limit your material choice since they are only available in plastic.

3. Heat Gain

Since skylights often directly face the sun, they can allow unwanted heat gain in summer. Consider different ways of counteracting this issue. For instance, many roofing contractors recommend using bronze-tinted glass on west- or south-facing areas of a building. 

Another solution is to choose low emissivity coatings. Low-E coatings allow visible light to pass through but block heat transfer by preventing UV or infrared radiation into the structure. You could also consider a skylight that manually or automatically opens to offer heat ventilation.


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