Your roof depends on a fully-functioning gutter system to keep water flowing away from your building. Regularly maintaining and cleaning the channels helps keep them working properly. When you neglect this task, it can translate into extensive damage over time, which can lead to the need for costly building and roof repairs. The following guide outlines a few main reasons why gutter cleaning is important.

How Do Clean Gutters Benefit a Building & Roof?

1. Prevents Water Damage

Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and pool on the roof. Stagnant moisture can lead to mold and algae growth, which can damage shingles and membranes. When liquid accumulates with no way to drain, it can also weigh on the structure and cause leaks, leading to the need for roof repairs. The weight of backed-up water can also damage the gutters and cause them to sag, and they may eventually require repairs or replacement to keep the system operational.

2. Keeps Pests at Bay

roof repair

Rodents and birds love to build their homes in gutters. While debris from trees, like twigs and leaves, makes the perfect nest-building material, it can also lead to major clogs.

Cleaning out your building's gutters in the spring and in the fall, and trim back trees that are close to or hang over the roof to prevent debris from gathering in the trays. Keeping the channels clean prevents pests from nesting and causing further damage.

3. Saves Money

Regular gutter cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your gutter system and roofing. Doing this a few times a year is far less costly than needing multiple repairs due to cracked, bent, sagging, and otherwise neglected trays. Channels that are full of debris can become heavy and start to pull away from the building, further damaging the roof. Even if you have to spend a little extra to have the task done by a professional, it will likely be more cost-effective than the expense of needing major repairs. 

Consider investing in gutter guards, as well. These budget-friendly mesh coverings sit on top of trays to block leaves, twigs, dirt, and animals from accumulating in the channels.


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