Septic tanks that become obstructed or are not draining properly can cause damage to your property if not professionally treated and maintained. The expert team at Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service has over 15 years of experience in wastewater removal and septic tank management. These licensed and certified septic maintenance specialists are proud to serve their satisfied customers throughout Hawaii.

Here is a description of three common septic tank problems from Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service:

  • septic tankSewer Odors: Sewer odors can have several causes. The plumbing riser vent might be clogged, or sludge may have built up in the septic tank. This often occurs when septic tanks are not routinely cleaned. Sludge buildup can cause inefficient drain field functioning and sewage backups into your building.
  • Clogged Drains: Drain clogs are caused by obstructions in the sewer drain line. An imperfection in a pipe, such as an intruding root, can worsen clogged drains.
  • Wet Yard: Wet and soggy yards are symptoms of issues with the drain field. In drain fields that are of the low pressure or drip dispersal variety, a leaky pipe or faulty emitter may need replacement. In traditional gravity drain fields, the repair may be more extensive. The courteous and knowledgeable team at Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service will be glad to advise you on how best to deal with a soggy yard and can also provide you with preventative septic tank maintenance to avoid this issue.

For all of your septic tank or wastewater service needs, you can rely on Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service. Learn more about these trusted local Kona plumbing and septic professionals when you call (808) 981-5251 or visit their informative website.