Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or treating your family after a long week, pizza is a quick, tasty, and low-cost option. Ordering appetizers gives you something extra to dig into, and there are a few quintessential starters that will truly complement your meal. Here are a few you should consider ordering alongside your pie.

What Are the Best Appetizers to Pair With Pizza?

1. Cheesy Garlic Bread

The ideal mix of crisp but fluffy bread, mozzarella, garlic, herbs, and other perfectly formulated toppings, garlic bread makes an excellent addition to any Italian meal. These appetizers are best when fresh-baked to perfection. While delicious on their own, they taste even better dipped in sauces like marinara or garlic butter.

2. Buffalo Wings


Like pizza, buffalo wings are popular, easy-to-share finger foods. Saucy with a kick and a hint of sweetness, these chicken wings are great for snacking on while the piping hot pizza cools down. Order ranch dipping sauce to add a creamy, smooth flavor that helps dial down the heat.

3. Caesar Salad

You can get your daily fill of leafy greens by starting dinner with a fresh Caesar salad. Salad won’t be as filling as your other options, so it’s a great choice if you’re not very hungry and want to save room for the pizza. It will also make a crisp, refreshing, and healthy addition to your meal.

4. Pizza Potatoes

Potato skins are a crowd favorite, so give pizza potatoes, or “pizzatatoes,” a try. This fun take on a classic appetizer is an easy-to-grab snack that practically melts in your mouth. If you’re unfamiliar with the combo, you’ll quickly find that soft potatoes pair perfectly with savory pizza sauce and gooey melted cheese. Your crew can choose from pizza-themed flavors like pepperoni, spinach mushroom, and bacon cheddar.


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