Your car's engine consists of many critical parts that work in unison. If a key piece is broken or missing, your car won't perform as it should, and you'll need help from an auto repair professional to fix the issue. This guide describes the major parts of the engine along with solutions for common engine problems. 

What Are the Key Engine Parts?

The block is the basis for the entire engine and contains cylinders, which house the pistons that slide up and down to move the crankshaft. The higher the number of cylinders, the more power the engine can produce. The cylinder is part of the combustion chamber. Fuel injectors push gas into this space, and the fuel and oxygen mix to create the small blasts that move the pistons. 

The cylinder head rests on top of the cylinders and helps link together the head gasket and cylinder block. Further, the cylinder head serves as a mounting point for the engine valves, fuel injectors, and spark plugs, which provide the spark that starts your car. 


Next, the camshaft and crankshaft work together to send power to various parts of the vehicle. The crankshaft spins as the car moves and connects to the camshaft, which controls the valves for efficient performance. 

What Are Some Common Engine Problems & Solutions?

Unfortunately, many issues can affect such an intricate piece of equipment. For example, engine blocks can crack or break. Holes, cuts, or leaks can affect the cylinders or combustion chamber and result in less pressure than is needed to power the engine. Spark plugs can go bad, fuel injectors can break, and the camshaft or crankshaft can experience failures. 

Problems that affect the air and fuel mixture are very common in engines, as well. For example, your car won't start if the piston rings or valves are leaking. Basically, every part of your car that requires power connects to the engine, and an auto repair professional can help you determine where failures are occurring if your engine isn't working as it should. They can replace or repair individual components as needed to fix your vehicle.


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