Living with children, elderly relatives, and pets is a rewarding experience, but it can be placing excessive strain on your air conditioning system. With more people and pets emitting heat and moisture, the HVAC equipment has to work harder to maintain steady temperatures, which can be hard on old or outdated units. Fortunately, ductless mini-split systems are among the most efficient solutions to this problem. Here are a few ways they'll benefit your home.

3 Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioners

1. Easy Installation

Larger ducted air conditioners can take several weeks and serious disruptions to your household to install. However, ductless mini-splits can be integrated in as little as a single day.

They're also wall-mounted, requiring only a three-inch hole for access to the outdoors for intake and no additional square footage. With rapid, easy installation, your family can quickly get back to their daily routines with little interruption.

2. Save Money

air conditioning

In warm weather, central air conditioning costs can rise to over $200 per month. This is due to the greater energy required to cool and distribute air through whole-home ducting.

However, using a ductless system may cost less than $30 per month. This is because they use less energy, can be switched off as needed, and can be adjusted to less energy-intensive temperatures in different rooms. This can mean a significant reduction in your energy expenses throughout the year.

3. Cooling Zones

More people at home means several opinions about the ideal temperature. Ductless air conditioning is installed as separate units in each room, allowing them to function independently at different climates. Rather than setting the thermostat at a setting that may not be comfortable for everyone, your family members can adjust each ductless unit to their preference.


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