It is prime pool construction season in Troy, MO, and The Pool Guys are getting ready for another busy summer! With months of warm weather ahead, enjoy your own private oasis with a new swimming pool. If you are not sure whether you should get an above ground or inground pool, let the pool experts help you decide. 

If you're in the midst of making up your mind about which of these popular pool types is right for you, here are some of their key differences:

  • inground poolsPool Cost: This is one of the most influential differences between above ground and inground pools, with the latter being the most expensive in most cases. In addition to the pool itself, you should also factor in the plumbing, electronics, landscaping, and accessories.

  • Water Depth: Because they're partially underground, inground pools are able to have terraced depths, which means they have both deep ends as well as shallower depths. Above ground pools are usually limited to one depth.

  • Pool Maintenance: Daily maintenance for above ground and inground pools is mainly the same—it's long-term maintenance that really marks the difference between the two. Above ground pool liners usually last between five to 10 years, while inground pool liners, especially when made of durable materials like fiberglass and concrete, only need to be changed every decade or two.

  • Portability: Inground pools represent a permanent solution. While these are immovable, they do increase your property value. Above ground pools, on the other hand, make an ideal investment if you want to take your pool with you when you move. For help relocating your pool, call the professionals at The Pool Guys.

When you’re ready to start on your new pool construction at your home in Troy, MO, call The Pool Guys at (636) 462-7665. Visit their website to learn more about their available above ground and inground pools.