Infinity pools are one of the most beautiful aquatic options available. With an edge that seems to vanish into the scenery, an infinity pool makes the most of your view. But it does come with special maintenance needs beyond what is necessary for a traditional pool. The Pool Guys in Troy, MO, highlight these five tips to keep infinity pools in top shape.

Infinity Pool Maintenance Tips

1. The Catch Basin Needs Cleaning

Beyond the edge of your pool, there's a second basin to catch the water that runs over and then feeds it back into the system. This catch basin needs the same cleaning routine as the rest of the pool to keep it in good shape and prevent buildup.

2. Keep the Drain Clear

The catch basin's suction system needs special attention to keep it from getting clogged. As water circulates, debris will tend to accumulate here, blocking the system.

3. Top It Off

As water flows over the infinity edge and into the catch basin, it evaporates more quickly than in a traditional pool. The infinity pool design is meant to keep flowing continuously, so you'll need to add water frequently to keep it at the right level.

4. Watch the Water Chemistry

poolsBecause your water will evaporate so quickly and be refilled so often, you'll need to pay extra attention to your pool's chlorine content and pH. You should test your pool water twice a week to keep it in the right range.

5. Keep an Eye on the Pump

The pump is a vital part of infinity pools. It keeps the water flowing from the catch basin back into the main pool. Pay attention to the pump's performance; if it seems to be working slowly, getting louder, making odd noises, or if it stops working altogether, you'll need a repair from a technician familiar with infinity pools.

Whether you're thinking of installing a pool or need help with maintenance, The Pool Guys can help. Call them at (636) 462-7665 or, for more maintenance tips, check out their Swimming Pool FAQ.