The domain name system (DNS) gives each specific website its own unique identifier, which tells the system where to direct data and web traffic. While this system may be the internet's backbone, it’s also prone to cyberattacks that can hurt your business. The following guide offers a few tips for strengthening your company’s DNS security.

How Can You Improve DNS Security?

1. Use Multiple Layers of Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks flood DNS servers with useless information to prevent legitimate requests. These coordinated attacks can make it impossible for customers to access your website or for employees to email one another, and it can even knock out your phone system.

A multilayered DDoS defense system should have mitigation equipment that constantly monitors traffic for unusual activities coming from suspicious sources. The system can direct traffic into a separate network while security professionals separate the noise from legitimate DNS requests.

2. Isolate Your Nameservers


Many companies now offer cloud-based services that allow you to share a DNS nameserver with hundreds or thousands of other businesses. This technology can lower prices, but it also opens you up to security concerns. If another company on the nameserver is targeted in a DDoS attack, your traffic may be affected.

When deciding where to host your DNS, choose a company that segments its customers into small groups. Sharing a server with only a few other users decreases the chances that an attack aimed at someone else will impact your business.

3. Deploy a Private Network

No matter how tight your security is, you’re still exposed to vulnerabilities in a public DNS server’s software. Hackers can hijack data to send users to a fake website, which will try to steal their private information. A private network mitigates the risk by reducing the reliance on public resources and improving your web services.

Many providers offer dedicated private networks as part of their services, so you can achieve the security and performance benefits without investing in new infrastructure. You may also be able to get 24/7 monitoring and frequent software updates to ensure your nameservers are protected from the latest security risks.


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