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About SoftWave Solutions

If you use fleet vehicles or heavy machinery to do business, it’s important to stay updated about the status of those vehicles and equipment at all times for maximum efficiency. SoftWave Solutions, a digital business solution provider in Dayton, OH, can help you streamline your fleet’s activity and run your business more efficiently than ever. We offer data management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) services that let you bring your business into the digital landscape. 

Our signature product, Spoke.Zone, allows you to track nearly anything involving your equipment or fleet, from fuel consumption to location to maintenance needs. Since you’ll always be up to date about the state of your vehicles and equipment, you can make repairs fast and keep your business on schedule. This technology lets you track custom metrics to make sure your drivers and trucks are staying safe on the road and your equipment is operating optimally.

SoftWave Solutions offers the latest developments in data management; when you work with us, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. Our team provides personalized business solutions and technical support exactly when you need it. Visit us online or give us a call today at (937) 522-0800 to learn more.


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