Like all other vehicles, your truck has mechanical parts that could break down due to problems or regular use. Routine maintenance can often prevent this from happening, but it’s also important to know when to go for semi-truck repairs. Here are a few telltale signs that it’s time to visit a mechanic ASAP.

When to Take Your Truck in for Repairs

1. Poor Performance

Do you notice a decline or loss of engine power when you drive? Are you consuming more fuel than usual while driving the same route? These incidents point to underlying issues with your engine, such as a dirty air filter, failing oxygen sensor, clogged fuel system, or loss of cylinder compression. A semi-truck repair technician will check all these issues to determine the source of the problem.

2. Operational Difficulties

Operating semi-trucks require a higher level of competency than driving passenger vehicles. However, if you find it challenging to shift gears, steer straight, maneuver, or pull to a complete stop, you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Pay attention to strange sensations, such as sudden pulling or vibrations that occur while driving—the likely culprits are misaligned wheels, worn-out tires, failing brakes, or transmission troubles.

3. Unusual Noises

semi-truck repairs

Tractor-trailers make a fair amount of noise at the best of times, but you probably shouldn't take one out on the road if loud sounds like knocking and rattling are emanating from under the hood. A grinding noise can indicate low transmission fluid levels or incorrect ride height. However, be wary if you hear a knocking sound from your engine, as there could be extensive damage, such as damaged liner seals or main bearings.

4. Colored Exhaust Smoke

The color of emissions can also predict trouble. A burst of black smoke means the vehicle is excessively burning gasoline because of the wrong fuel combination. On the other hand, blue or gray smoke points to a possible oil leak due to cracked seals, while white smoke may indicate cooling system issues.

5. Leaks

Liquid leakages can spell big trouble for semi-trucks. When you see puddles underneath, check the liquid’s color, smell, and consistency. If it appears to be a substance other than water, it might be the engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, or power steering fluid. Have a semi-truck repair technician identify the source and fix it immediately.


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