Whether you’ve had a storage unit for a few years or you’re considering getting one soon, it’s important to keep it neat and tidy. If you don’t take the time to keep the space organized, it will be harder to find your belongings later or some items could even get damaged because they’re not packed correctly. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the unit.

How to Organize Your Storage Unit

1. Keep an Inventory List

When looking for an important item, you need to know whether it’s in your home or located in the self-storage space. It can be difficult to remember everything you packed in the storage unit, especially if you rented it a long time ago. 

Make an inventory list of all the items in the unit, and update it when you add or remove belongings from the space. This will make it much easier to find the items you need in the future.

2. Store Frequently Used Items Near the Front

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Heavy, bulky items like furniture should be stored at the back of the storage unit since you probably won’t have to move them too often and they take up a lot of space. This leaves room to put the items you’re most likely to need at the front of the unit. These might include bins of seasonal clothes like jackets or sundresses, recreational items like surfboards or skis, and important financial documents.

3. Use Labels or Clear Containers

If you’re storing items in boxes, you should label them carefully with their contents. This will ensure that you don’t have to open up a ton of boxes to find the belongings you need. 

Consider storing frequently used items in clear storage bins so that it’s easy to see what’s inside. These containers are also better at keeping pests away than cardboard boxes.


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