Once you buy a house, it can feel like a mad rush to get everything ready before you move in. Packing all your belongings and clearing out the old space may seem overwhelming, but there's a simple solution to make the process more effective: decluttering your old home. The following guide offers some tips to help you get started so that you can move forward with peace of mind. 

3 Tips to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

1. Purchase Products

Throughout the decluttering process, you'll likely need a variety of resources. These may include garbage bags for items you want to throw away, bins for belongings you want to put in storage, and markers and stickers for designating which items you've put into particular boxes. Purchase these supplies ahead of time, so you can move forward without delays once you get started. 

2. Create a Game Plan

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If you try to tackle your entire home without rhyme or reason, you'll likely get overwhelmed and discouraged quickly. Instead, plan out a flow for how you want to move through the space. Focus on one room at a time, working diligently through every cabinet, drawer, and closet before you move on to the next. 

3. Consider the Last Year

Feeling attached to or sentimental about personal belongings is completely normal. However, if you don't exercise a bit of restraint, you'll likely end up maintaining the same level of clutter in your new space after you buy a house. As you move through your old home, consider whether you've used each item you review in the last year. If you haven't, and it doesn't have personal or nostalgic meaning, throw it away.


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