Buying a house can be a thrilling adventure, but moving isn’t always so exciting. Even moving across town can be a complex project with ample opportunities to make mistakes that make it even more stressful. The following are a few common errors to avoid if you’re planning a move.

What Mistakes Do People Commonly Make When Moving?

1. Failing to Plan Ahead

buying a house

Many people put off planning till the last minute or underestimate how complex moving can be. Unfortunately, this is usually a mistake, since moving companies often book several months in advance. If you don’t start planning soon, you may not get your first choice, or you might have to move your belongings yourself.

Start planning and packing as early as possible. Downsizing and packing up out-of-season items as soon as you’ve decided to buy a house will help make moving much less stressful.

2. Taking Everything You Own

Decluttering is an essential but often overlooked part of the moving process. Many people plan on going through their belongings when they arrive at their new home, but unpacking and disposing of unwanted items at the same time is overwhelming.

As you pack, divide unwanted or unused items into different piles to be sold, donated, or thrown away. This will make unpacking easier and help you avoid paying to move belongings you no longer want.

3. Letting Movers Handle Valuable Items

Most moving companies don’t take responsibility for valuable items like jewelry, electronics, and expensive documents. While you might let the moving company handle your clothes, furniture, and dishes, it’s best to handle packing delicate, pricey, or sentimental items yourself. Pack jewelry and other small valuables carefully, taking them to your new home yourself.


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