Summer is when many people take advantage of the sun and focus on activities and events that take place outdoors. However, summer is also an ideal time to get work done around the house, including professional carpet cleaning. Whether it's overdue for a routine deep clean or you need fire or water damage restoration, here are a few of the benefits of having your carpets cleaned during the summer.

Why Should You Clean Your Carpets in the Summer?

1. Speedier Drying Times

High temperatures are the norm for Texas summers, but this increased heat level can help the drying process after your carpet cleaning. Once the stains have been removed or the fire or water damage repaired, your carpet needs to sit undisturbed while it dries. Summertime temperatures can dry out an entire carpet in a matter of a few hours, making it—and your entire home—usable in less time than would be required during cooler parts of the year.

2. Increased Contaminant Removal

During the summer, your air conditioner is likely running more often, and your windows may be open more frequently. This may lead to an increase in contaminants in the air, like dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander. These fine particles can settle over your carpet and be rustled back up into the air whenever someone walks across the floor. Not only does this result in a less tidy home, but it can also present health problems for allergy-prone individuals. Cleaning your carpets in the summer will get rid of the increased number of contaminants common at this time of year.

water damage restoration

3. A Party-Ready Home

Perhaps you're planning to have guests over for a summer get-together. Give your home an instant makeover with professional carpet cleaning. Whether the cleaning is a normal part of your homecare schedule or necessary to repair damaged carpet, the results will impress guests and residents alike and increase comfort and luxury for all who enter the home.


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