Most cars naturally produce sounds when starting, then subtle humming during operation. Whether they come from under the hood or the tires, any strange sounds may indicate malfunctions that require auto repair. Here's some information about what different noises could mean and the right steps to take when you hear them.

3 Sounds That Indicate a Need for Auto Repair

1. Squeaking 

If the brakes make a high-pitched squeaking sound every time the car slows or stops, the brake pads may need attention. Brake pads are designed to make this noise to alert drivers when the pads need replacement. They produce the sound when they come in contact with the brake rotors, which stop the vehicle. It's best to have the brakes inspected and serviced soon to prevent damage to the rotors. 

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2. Screeching

A loud screeching or squealing sound coming from under the hood is usually a sign of a loose or worn serpentine belt. This part powers several key components, including the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and radiator fan. 

If the connections to these systems break, the car may not run. A mechanic will have to tighten the belt if it's loose, or replace it when there's damage.

3. Roaring 

Vehicle exhaust systems muffle engine noise. If you notice a loud roaring sound that seems to come from under the car, along with slight vibrations in the seats, schedule auto repair right away. 

These signs indicate an issue with the exhaust system, potentially a cracked manifold. Since a malfunctioning exhaust system can cause carbon monoxide to vent into the cabin, the problem needs immediate attention.


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