Preparing your baby’s nursery includes purchasing a crib and other furniture, setting up a diaper station, and discussing storage options. However, parents-to-be often like to decorate the room, too, including sprucing up the walls. Before calling interior painting professionals, use the following guide to decide on the best color for the space. 

What Effect Does Color Have on a Room?

Light hues make rooms appear larger and airier by reflecting light. This can also help reduce reliance on electric lights, lowering utility usage. However, they don't hide stains well, making them higher maintenance. Dark tones absorb light and, therefore, can make rooms feel cozier and a bit more compact. Warm neutral hues can subsequently provide a happy medium.  

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How Are People Affected By Color?

Color has the power to influence mood. For example, red has a stimulating effect, making people more energetic and hungry, which is why it is often utilized for spaces like restaurants. Yellow can also be energizing and is often used in playrooms and similar places to encourage good moods and creativity. Green is considered more soothing and restful. While some of these associations are learned, others are instinctive, meaning your baby won't be immune to color psychology

What Color Should You Paint a Nursery?

Create a color palette mainly consisting of subtle pastel hues to help soothe your baby and inspire rest. Therefore, consider baby blue, rosy blush, or grayish-blue. Neutral colors with hints of soft yellow or light green also work to soothe and calm. If you love bold hues that make a statement, such as red or navy blue, use them for accent colors only. They can work as trim or add color to wooden furniture. 


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