A strong storm can cause extensive roof damage, increasing the likelihood of leaks and diminishing the visual appeal of your home. After a storm, homeowners should assess the damage from the ground. For your safety, only a roofing contractor should climb onto the roof. Review this brief guide to discover a few ways to detect damage while staying safe.

How to Inspect Your Roof For Storm Damage

1. Look for Debris

The most obvious signs of damage will be dislodged roofing components. These materials may still be visible on top of the home, or they may have blown or fallen onto the surrounding property. Look for shingles, eaves, flashing, soffits, and gutters. If any of these items have been removed by a storm, contact a roofing contractor to determine the next steps.

2. Check for Gaps

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If you can safely access the attic, enter it on a bright, sunny day and see if any rays of light shine through. If you notice streams of sunshine, there are likely holes or cracks in the roof.

These gaps can increase the risk of leaks during the next rainfall and can make temperatures fluctuate within the home. If there are no obvious gaps in the attic, shine a flashlight on the decking and look for stains, streaks, or sagging areas, which are all indicators that moisture is getting in.

3. Inspect Walls & Ceilings

Even if there are no visible signs of major damage to the roof or attic, the storm could have still created a small crack where water can enter. The evidence may only be visible once the water leaks into the ceiling and walls, leaving dark stains, bulging sections, and peeling paint. You'll need to have a roofing contractor repair the source of the leak, while a water damage restoration professional should address the damaged ceiling or walls.


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