When there is a flood at home, owners should arrange for water damage restoration immediately to preserve household health and the structural integrity of building materials. However, there are times when moisture intrusion is more subtle, starting behind walls or growing under carpets. The following guide points out situations where your flooring might get unexpectedly damp.

What Causes Waterlogged Carpeting?

1. Outdoor Elements

Texas is experiencing an unusual winter, with areas that typically never see snow suddenly getting inches of it. However, whether the sky is producing snow or rain, relatives and pets can track puddles into the house, causing the carpet to become damp. Place a mat near the front entrance where they can wipe their feet and invest in weather stripping for the bottom of the door to seal out moisture.

Additionally, leaky windows can lead to precipitation dripping inside, pooling along the base of windowsills. If you can’t see visible cracks around the window frame, hold your hand up to feel for a draft. Weak points likely require repair. 

2. Home Appliances

water damage restoration

Several home appliances use water, such as washing machines and dishwashers. If there is a leak in one of their lines, it could leave nearby materials soaking wet. Surprisingly, air conditioners can also produce water. The refrigerant in these systems helps draw heat and moisture out of the air that flows over the condenser coils, resulting in condensation production. Typically, this is funneled into a drain pan, but clogs or cracks in the tubing can prevent this. 

Keep an eye on all appliances that are actively running so that you can shut them off if you notice a leak. Then, have the issue investigated by a repair professional as soon as possible. 

3. Indoor Plumbing

Plumbing can pose several problems for nearby carpeting. For example, a leak under the bathroom sink might gradually seep through the floor of the cabinet until it reaches the carpet underneath. If your shower doesn't come with a tub, a clog can cause an overflow that possibly leads out of the bathroom. 

With notably low temperatures in parts of Texas, uninsulated pipes might also have the water in them freeze. Since liquid expands when becoming solid, this puts pressure on the plumbing from the inside, potentially causing breaks. This can soak not only nearby carpeting but other building materials, resulting in the need for more substantial water damage restoration.


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