Installing new flooring in your home or business is an investment. Most property owners are looking for a material that is affordable, durable, and beautiful. While traditional vinyl meets most of these criteria, recent developments have made modern versions a much stronger choice.

Standard Vinyl

Standard vinyl is available in large sheets or tiles, and it consists of a thin backing, a thin vinyl layer, and a protective coating. It’s flexible and offers a low price point with varying design options. It’s installed with glue, creating a surface with no breaks that’s adept at blocking out moisture. The wear layer is thin, giving it a life span of roughly 10 years. However, if it’s damaged, any repairs may be noticeable.

Modern Options


New vinyl options include luxury vinyl planks or tiles (LVP or LVT). They have multiple layers for increased durability, including a firm backing and a thick wear layer to ensure it lasts two decades with proper care. The pieces can be glued or interlocking for a floating floor. They are also scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and low maintenance. With a reasonable price point, new advancements have made this material a much better mimic of more expensive products, like wood or stone. When damaged, only the affected pieces need to be replaced for a like-new appearance.



Wood-plastic composite (WPC) vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, thanks to its strong backing, cushioning foam, and a core made of compressed wood and plastics. The core also provides enhanced strength so that pieces can be easily installed over uneven subfloors. This material is available in different thicknesses and wear levels for customized durability. WPC withstands more traffic than LVP or LVT, making it popular for heavily trafficked homes or moderately trafficked businesses.


SPC stands for stone plastic composite, and it’s even more durable than WPC. Also 100% waterproof, the stone core is virtually indestructible, providing a dent-resistant and firm foundation to stand on. The other layers include a firm backing, attached padding, and vinyl design. It withstands extreme temperatures and doesn’t need acclimation for installation. SPC is suited for heavy commercial use due to its hardiness, as it can handle more wear from traffic and equipment. It can be installed over any hard subfloor.


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