Homeowners love luxury vinyl plank flooring for its affordability, durability, and ability to mimic other materials. New design trends also come out every year to inspire remodeling projects. If you’re thinking about updating your flooring, take some inspiration from some current prevalent ideas.

What’s Trending for Vinyl Flooring in 2021?

1. Wood or Stone Aesthetic

Stone and wood flooring are elegant and beautiful but have a high price tag. There are also maintenance requirements to consider. Granite, limestone, and marble need resealing, just as wood requires regular refinishing. Fortunately, vinyl can be designed to appear like your preferred wood or stone, and can even feature artful distressing, while needing much less upkeep.

2. Light Colors

To help rooms look more open, inviting, and cheery, many homeowners are opting for light colors in their vinyl plank flooring this year. Pale grays, blondish browns, and whitewash are noticeably popular. 

Instead of embracing uniformity, boards with vast color differentiation, featuring light brown to dark gray within one plank, for example, have also gained an audience due to the visual interest they create. This variation more closely resembles what's found in nature, compared to mimicking stained wood.

vinyl plank flooring

3. Planks & Tiles

It used to be that vinyl was most often laid out in sheets. In recent times, however, planks and tiles are especially in demand. Sheets are durable but more prone to tearing from foot traffic and pet claws or showing signs of water damage. It’s also harder to repair or replace sheets than individual tiles.

Furthermore, homeowners like that planks and tiles can be arranged in patterns, such as chevron or herringbone, to be even more eye-catching. You can also lay out tiles of different colors to create geometric designs.

4. Bigger Sizes

Another way that homeowners are encouraging the illusion of openness this year is by installing slightly wider planks and tiles. While still smaller than sheets, this can make the floor less busy. If you choose a wood or stone aesthetic for your vinyl plank flooring, the bigger sizes give you a closer look at the natural-looking details as well.


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