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About TD Concrete Leveling

If the concrete slabs on your property have started to sink or settle, look no further than the experts here at TD Concrete Leveling.  Providing services across Northeast Ohio, with a LIFETIME warranty and best quality guarantee, TD Concrete Leveling is a name you can trust.  No matter how big or small a project may be, we are here to help.  

Whether your patio has sunk towards your foundation, or your sidewalk has trip hazards that need to be corrected, here at TD Concrete Leveling we use state-of-the-art equipment to lift any slab of concrete you may have, no matter how far it has fallen.  From interior concrete slab homes to small walkway blocks, we can level it all. 

Call a name you can trust, TD Concrete Leveling at (440) 229-1170, and schedule your free estimate today.  Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see all the amazing transformations performed on properties near you. 



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"TD Concrete Leveling did an excellent job they were prompt , courteous and neat. I highly recommend"... more
- Michael Sords [Google My Business, August 21, 2021]
"After getting another very expensive quote for polyurethane foam leveling, I was sold on the more natural and way more economical way TD does theirs. They..."... more
- Anonymous U. [Yelp, August 20, 2021]