A day at the spa can be a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. While it can be an opportunity for self-care, you can also visit with a loved one. Couples massages are popular forms of bonding. If you’re interested in booking a joint session, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

What to Know About a Couples Massage 

What is it? 

A couples massage allows you and a partner to receive massages simultaneously. While it can be a romantic activity for significant others, it doesn’t have to be. Many people book sessions with a friend or family member. You and the other person will each have your bed and masseuse. Like individual treatments, couples sessions might include soothing elements like aromatherapy, candles, and music. 

What are the benefits? 

Couples and friends who share new experiences tend to have a closer bond. This also gives each of you a break from the hustle and bustle of life outside the spa. 

Massage can also have several health advantages, such as assuaging symptoms associated with insomnia, chronic stress, pain, and anxiety. This, in turn, can positively affect your life and relationship. 


Do we have to get the same treatment? 

No. You will each receive a personalized consultation with your masseuse before the session. You can choose the same or a different treatment than your partner. Either way, your masseuse will customize your session to fit your body and preferences. 

What are some protocols to follow? 

Before coming to a spa, drink plenty of water and take a hot shower. You should also dress in comfortable clothing. During the massage, focus on your experience rather than worrying about your partner. They’re in good hands. 

While occasional comments to your partner wouldn't be out of place, talking too much during the massage can detract from the relaxation. You should, however, communicate your preferences to the massage therapist, such as if you would like more or less pressure. Finally, don't worry about reaching out to touch your partner. Instead, just relax and leave room for both therapists to move around and between the tables.


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