Due to reliable electrical services, your home can easily generate heat and light no matter the weather or time of day. However, without care and maintenance, your electrical wiring can generate fires. To protect your home, review the following causes of house fires. 

What Causes Electrical Fires in Homes?

1. Overuse

In colder months, your electrical wiring may become overwhelmed and ignite due to an increased usage of heaters and lights. The problem may become worse if you have multiple items plugged into the same outlet. To prevent electrical fires, you must simply avoid overusing your circuits and outlets. Turn on your electricity as little as possible, and spread your appliances across all your outlets rather than just a few.

In addition, extension cords are not typically meant to handle the electricity required to run high-power appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, and space heaters. If they're overused, they may lead to electrical fires. Use extension cords only for electronics that require less power, such as lamps, televisions, and speakers.

2. Poor Placement

electrical wiring

The heat created by space heaters and lamps can be strong enough to ignite flammable materials. To avoid starting an electrical fire, keep your appliances away from clothes, curtains, blankets, bedsheets, rugs, couches, and wooden furniture. You could also opt for space heaters that radiate heat across the whole surface of an object rather than overwhelming a singular spot.

3. Excess Wattage

Not all light fixtures are designed to support every type of light bulb. If a bulb’s wattage is too high for the fixture, it will be overwhelmed and create sparks that could set a nearby object aflame. Check your fixtures for the amount of wattage they can handle and purchase your light bulbs accordingly.

4. Outdated Equipment

As outlets, breaker boxes, or appliances age, they’ll become too weak to conduct currents, and the electrical wiring may become frayed. This issue can lead to sparks and fires that start with the outdated item and spread throughout your home. Contact an electrician to inspect and replace any outlets and boxes that look scorched or broken, and replace your appliances when they no longer work efficiently.


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