Perhaps you’ve considered a new construction home project for years, but only recently started thinking about it more seriously. If you're not sure whether now is the time to start building, consider your priorities. The following signs indicate you're ready to design a customized residence. 

When Is it Time For a New Construction Home Project?

1. Less Space at Home

Your current home might no longer provide sufficient living space due to different factors, such as a growing family, the need for a larger office or studio, or aging relatives who recently moved in. No matter why you're feeling cramped in your residence, a new construction home allows you to design a house that meets these new needs. You can request more bedrooms and bathrooms from the custom home builders, a private studio, or anything else you require. 

new construction home

2. Better Neighborhood Elsewhere

Perhaps a vacant lot has opened up in a community you have always adored. This could be a reason to purchase land and start building so that you can enjoy all the benefits that the neighborhood has to offer. For example, it would help to pick a location that's close to grocery stores and schools. An ideal community might also offer the safety and security you’re looking for, providing greater peace of mind. 

3. Long Commute

Commuting to work can become tiring quickly, especially if there's a significant amount of distance between your house and job. Relocating to a new area and building a home can eliminate or at least shorten commute times, providing more minutes out of every day to spend with family and friends, work on assorted projects, run errands, and relax. By picking a location that's closer to work, you'll no longer have to feel anxious about the lengthy commute. As a result, your mood will also improve before work every morning. 


If you're interested in beginning a new construction home project, turn to Granville Homes LLC. This construction company has served residents throughout the Triad area, NC, since 2009. Their team creates new homes with unique floor plans and convenient amenities. Call (336) 202-8514 to schedule a meeting, or visit them online to view examples of their past work.