Mold is a common household problem. While most varieties are non-toxic, mold can cause health issues from prolonged exposure, including allergy symptoms, headaches, and the exacerbation of respiratory conditions like asthma. With the help of preventative measures and good mold remediation professionals, you can eliminate this unsightly fungus from your home. The first step to keeping mold at bay is understanding why it occurs, so take a look at these common sources to determine if your home is at risk.

What Leads to Mold in Households?

1. Humidity  

Humidity refers to the air’s moisture content. Coastal areas tend to be very humid and thus susceptible to mold issues. Even in areas that aren’t exceptionally humid, parts of the house, such as the basement, bathroom, or kitchen, can be damper than others. If you live in a humid area, consider investing in a dehumidifier to reduce the risk of mold.

2. Insufficient Ventilation 

mold remediation

Stagnant air, mixed with moisture, creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. For this reason, bathrooms and basements are especially prone to mold. You’re most likely to find it growing behind the toilet, around the tub, under the sink, on the shower curtain, and in the corners of walls and ceilings. Using an extractor fan and opening a window after a shower or bath can reduce moisture and humidity. If you find spots, contact your mold remediation company to ensure thorough removal of all growths and spores.

3. Leaks  

Leaking pipes can cause mold to accumulate behind drywall, sheetrock, and in under-sink cupboards, which can be challenging to detect. The mold may initially be hidden from view, so check for warning signs of a leak, such as yellow or brown water stains on the walls or ceiling. Leaks can cause significant damage before they’re detected, so if you suspect a leak, it’s important to call a plumber and mold remediation team right away.

A leaky roof poses the same problem. Moisture can gradually accumulate in the ceiling or attic, prompting mold growth. Visible water droplets and stains are typically the first indicators of a leak. Consider getting an annual roof inspection, and check for damage to your roof after major storms.


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