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About Flo-Air, LLC

Keep your home environment healthy with the help of Flo-Air, LLC. Their team provides 24/7 emergency service to assess mold, water damage, and indoor air quality and advise you on the best ways to make your home a safer place to live. Based in Jacksonville, FL, they’ll take some of the stress out of flooding or leaks by giving you a clear plan of action.

This family-owned company is licensed and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, and other professional organizations. They provide on-site air quality analysis and same-day mold and water damage reporting to help make your home safer as soon as possible.

If you’ve been experiencing unexplained allergy-like symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, skin rashes, and wheezing, it’s a good idea to get your air quality checked. Flo-Air will thoroughly inspect your home and conduct indoor air quality testing that can reveal the presence of mold or other contaminants. If mold is found, this team will remove it and run post-mold remediation tests to ensure it’s gone for good.

Mold is just one of the unpleasant consequences of water damage. Water that infiltrates your home can also undermine the structural integrity of your house, causing wood rot and even weak spots in the foundation. Flo-Air offers water damage assessments to help prevent these effects. They’ll detect and map moisture, sample and test bacteria, and draw up a step-by-step plan for restoration.

Whether you’ve recently experienced a flood or noticed mold in your basement, Flo-Air is here to help reduce the harmful effects of water damage. With their detailed reports, you’ll be fully informed about what needs to be done for a safer home. Visit them online or call (904) 747-6117 for a free estimate.


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"My client found mold in their new home and we immediately called Flo-air. Stone called back quickly and had a crew out at the home ASAP - on a weekend. They assessed & took care of the problem quickly. My clients were so happy with the service. So thankful for them!"... more
- Lara Hejtmanek [Google My Business, November 9, 2021]
"Helpful, great service and very knowledgeable."... more
- Mark Schulz [Google My Business, August 24, 2021]