The biggest struggle many people have with change is giving it enough time. Making a healthy change in your routine takes focus and dedication. It also takes time and patience. Lots of patience.


It takes 21 days to make something a habit. That goes for good and bad habits. If you read our blog on drift, you can see how quickly you can fall away from good habits. The pandemic has created many new habits for people. Some good, some very unhealthy.


While the general rule is 21 days to a new habit, we encourage people to give us 6 weeks. In that time it will not only be a habit but you will see significant results. You are also ⅓ of the way to a lifestyle change. Our fitness program at On Track Wellness in Point Loma factors in busy schedules. Just give us 40 minutes a day 3 to 4 days a week!


After 90 days you can achieve a true lifestyle change. Many programs are 3 month based. That gives you the time and exposure to truly change. You will see and feel physical transformations. In martial arts, you will start to understand moves and techniques and see an increase in skill. Our kids martial arts program takes normally 12 weeks for the first promotion. That is not an accident. Our diverse program includes Karate and Jiu Jitsu making it a unique program for martial arts in San Diego.


We always stress getting out of shape or being overweight does not happen overnight. You do not see a big change in a week or during vacation. It is a slow regression over time. Positive changes are the same way. Especially, if you want it to be a true new lifestyle. 30 day “diets” are all the rage but few can hang on after that. Improve a habit over 90 days, then it is part of your lifestyle. 


At On Track Wellness we do not want to have you with us for just 90 days or even 6 months. We want to be with you as your life evolves, changes and grows. We want to grow up with your family and help you adapt to the challenges you will face. That is why we continually grow, learn, adapt and improve also. Come visit our martial arts and fitness studio in Point Loma. Your first session is always free. We are close to Mission Hills, Ocean Beach and Bay Park! Visit for more.