There are many benefits as an adult to joining a martial arts. Students of all ages gain many benefits and they often overlap, but adults can gain some unique ones as well.




As an adult, it can often be difficult to find new groups to hang out with and friends.  With work and family commitments free time can be limited. Martial Arts gives you a community focused on self-improvement, fitness and fun! Add in the opportunity to compete and tournaments can become weekend trips to fun destinations as well.




While martial arts the progression is individual the whole team and class benefits as people increase in skill and rank. At On Track Wellness in Point Loma, our martial arts program relies on everyone gaining skills. In order to test technique, you need solid training partners. Those partners need to provide you with a challenge and push you to gain more skills. Fellow students will want to see you succeed on and off the mat. 




With busy lives it is not always easy to find motivation or time for fitness. Many people do not enjoy the gym atmosphere. Martial arts gets you moving, working on flexibility, coordination and cardio! At On Track Wellness Martial Arts in Point Loma we have a variety of classes and times for students to get in training. Nutrition, hydration and proper fuel become key to being able to train. This all leads to better decisions and a healthier lifestyle.


Mental Challenge:


Truth: Life can be hard. Training in martial arts is not easy. It is not supposed to be. It is fun but it is a challenge. It helps you to learn to face challenges, push hard and overcome them. Once you learn what you are truly capable of on the mat, you can tackle those obstacles off the mat. Mental strength is just another addition to the benefits of physical training.


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