The front doors of your home offer a secure entry point that you can open, close, and lock as needed, protecting your house and the valuables inside. However, these entryways don't last forever; due to wear and tear, homeowners should expect to replace them every 30 years. The following guide highlights when you should consider turning to professionals for replacement services.

When Should You Update Your House's Entry Doors?

1. Faulty Function

Your door should open and close smoothly without getting stuck, scraping the floor, jamming in the frame, or making squeaking or grinding noises. If you're experiencing issues, the structure may have become warped due to fluctuating temperatures; as a result, it may no longer fit snugly in the frame. This issue can also impede proper locking, making a prompt replacement imperative.

2. Visible Damage


Dents and peeling paint may seem like simple aesthetic issues; however, they can also indicate a structural problem. For example, old wooden doors can rot, while steel structures may rust without proper installation and maintenance. This kind of structural damage can also affect your safety since it can make it challenging to close the entryway, making a replacement necessary.

3. Obvious Moisture

Double- or triple-paned glass can help minimize outside noise and increase energy efficiency. However, leaks in the glass will allow moisture to get stuck between the panes, leading to condensation buildup. If the moisture compromises the seal, the glass won't work properly. At this point, it's best to get a replacement, as you're also no longer enjoying the eco-friendly benefits.

4. Outdated Style

On the other hand, you may need a change due to new style preferences. A front door is a major focal point of your home's design and can significantly impact the property's outdoor appeal. You may find that the structure's style doesn't fit your current aesthetic. Alternatively, you might want to upgrade to a different door for practical reasons, such as greater durability or minimized upkeep.


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