When someone you care about is experiencing depression, you want to provide effective assistance. Your loved one may experience daily fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. Before helping them find the right therapist, review the following ways that you can support your loved one. 

3 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Depressed

1. Listen to Them

People experiencing depressive episodes often withdraw and isolate themselves. Giving your undivided attention to a loved one while listening with a compassionate ear encourages them to stay engaged. Demonstrate warmth and make it clear that you are not judging them. Avoid telling them what to do or how they should feel. If you believe they are at risk of suicide, stay with them and contact emergency services or a hotline.

2. Run Errands


Helping your loved one with daily tasks or participating in activities with them can boost their spirit. Offer to drive them to and from doctor's appointments, pick up their groceries, or stop by their home to prepare a meal. However, once they seem willing to handle these tasks independently, allow them to take over. You can still enjoy activities together, such as an online exercise class, movie marathons, or board games. 

3. Find a Therapist

Depressed individuals often want therapy but do not know how to find professional help. You can start the process by researching psychologists and therapists that meet their needs and budget. You can then ask your loved one if they want you to schedule the appointment. Accompanying them on the first visit provides additional support and helps relieve any anxiety that they may have. 


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