While no relationship is perfect, you should feel consistent support and acceptance from your partner. It can be easy to become so invested in a relationship that you can't distinguish healthy actions from unhealthy ones. A therapist can help you make those distinctions, but first, you should be aware of some of these common warning signs.

How To Tell If You're in an Unhealthy Relationship

1. Your Partner Is Controlling

Loving, supportive partners are protective of one another, but there is a difference between protectiveness and possessiveness. The prior demonstrates concern while the latter is about control, and no one deserves to feel like they are at the mercy of their partner's wishes. If a partner tells you who to spend time with, how to dress, where you're allowed to go, or controls access to money or resources, it may be time to seek help from loved ones or talk to a therapist.


2. Your Partner Withholds Affection

All relationships have ups and downs, and there will naturally be times when one partner feels more physically affectionate than the other. However, if you find yourself routinely begging for a partner's attention, the relationship may not be the healthiest. A partner should feel comfortable expressing their love and putting that love into action, and they should do so without conditions. When a person withholds affection, they engage in manipulative behavior. 

3. Your Partner Is Unfaithful

Many people have different ideas about what constitutes infidelity. This is a subject left up to each couple to work out and define for themselves. However, if your partner has violated your boundaries regarding faithfulness and fidelity, the relationship might not benefit your mental well-being. Infidelity and all the emotions surrounding it are complex issues to navigate on your own, so don't hesitate to reach out to a therapist for guidance.


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