Losing a loved one is challenging. However, seeking support from others with similar experiences can help you navigate the loss in the healthiest manner possible. Fortunately, grief and loss groups offer support for bereaved people within a safe, welcoming environment. If you're unfamiliar with these groups, the following guide explains why you should join one. 

What Are Grief & Loss Groups?

These support groups are designed to allow people experiencing loss to relate to their peers. They may be structured around general loss or focused on the loss of specific family members, such as spouses, children, or parents.

grief and loss

Grief is often complicated, and it may be hard for loved ones to understand the many complex emotions that accompany it. In a grief group, participants understand these complexities and can offer keen insights as a result. They can provide company and a shoulder to lean on. Support is provided in a welcoming manner so that you can express your thoughts and feelings freely. 

What Benefits Do They Offer?

A bereavement group can allow you to develop personal connections with fellow members. Grief is very isolating, but having others with similar experiences nearby shows that you're not alone. Lending support to fellow members can also be cathartic, as you can rest assured that you're helping others. 

A group can also help you change your way of thinking. For instance, the notion that you must move on quickly from your loss can be overwhelming. A grief group can demonstrate that you can keep your lost loved one's memory alive while also building a new life, which provides participants with hope. For example, a group can offer support and suggest coping mechanisms as you begin to pursue hobbies you used to love or reconnect with old friends. 


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