The exterior locks are your first and main line of defense against intruders. While high-quality locks can last for many years, there are some circumstances when it's appropriate to bring in a locksmith to replace them all. Having lock changes done during these times will ensure your safety, security, and peace of mind. 

When Should You Change Your Locks?

1. New Home Purchase

On closing day, you will be handed the keys to your new home. While this is exciting, your first step before moving in should be changing the locks. You do not know who might have a copy of the key, such as a neighbor who was given the spare, the home seller, or someone who stole the key years ago. Changing the locks gives you complete control over who has access to your new home. 

Schedule the lock change ahead of time for the day after your planned closing date. This ensures you'll have the lock changes done as soon as possible, but that any slight delays on the closing day won't interfere with your plans.

2. Lost or Stolen Keys

lock change

Misplacing keys happens all the time. If you've lost a set, then you don't know who has it. Someone could have stolen the keys with the intent of using them later, or they could simply be lost. Because you don't know who has them and what their intentions are, it's best to call a residential locksmith. You may even take this opportunity to switch to a keyless lock system, such as with a numerical keypad, so you won't experience misplaced keys again. 

3. Recent Break-In 

If there's been a break-in — whether an attempt or a successful break-in — it's time for full exterior lock changes. Your home may have been targeted at random or intentionally, but either way, you don't know whether the offender will return. Locks may have also been permanently damaged during the break-in, which makes it easier to complete a subsequent one. Take this opportunity to upgrade to a more secure lock system. 


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