Concrete is a durable, versatile material perfect for patio construction. Despite its inherent strength and resilience, it can still experience damage and defects over time. Here are a few reasons to schedule concrete repair as soon as problems arise so you can maintain an attractive and functional outdoor space year after year.

How to Tell Your Patio Requires Concrete Repair

1. Drainage Issues

Proper drainage under your patio ensures rainwater doesn't pool or puddle on the surface. If there are drainage issues, pooling water can penetrate concrete and sink down through the surface. When winter arrives, water within concrete will freeze and thaw, creating cracks. Drainage can be improved using several methods, such as installing additional drains or adjusting the grade or slope of the pavement to redirect water away from the patio.

2. Cracks in the Surface

Even seemingly minor cracks in your concrete must be repaired immediately. The longer that cracks remain unaddressed, the larger they'll grow over time as water continues to enter and crack the concrete or erode the soil beneath the slab. Once cracks are repaired, the surface of the patio can be sealed to prevent future issues from occurring. 

concrete repair

3. Uneven Pavement

Soil movement under your patio can lead to a surface that is not completely uniform. In addition to ruining the look of your backyard, an uneven patio can also pose a tripping hazard to your family and guests. This is a substantial issue that must be evaluated by a concrete repair specialist. There may be structural issues at work, especially if soil movement has caused significant damage to the underlying slab. 


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