Concrete might seem like a hard, impenetrable material, but it's surprisingly vulnerable to water. If you have concrete walls, pillars, or floors, and you want to keep them in top shape, concrete waterproofing is a must. Here's a brief guide to help you better understand the process and how it can benefit you.

How Does Concrete Waterproofing Work?

Because concrete is a porous substance, it naturally and easily absorbs water, be it from standing water, exposure to rain, or simply moisture in the atmosphere. The absorbed water is capable of penetrating deep into a concrete surface and saturating it. When this happens, the water begins to break down the concrete, leaving space for more water to get in and encouraging bacterial and fungal growth.

Waterproofing works by sealing the concrete's pores with a hydrophobic layer. Once this substance is absorbed into the porous concrete, water can no longer penetrate the surface. 

What Are the Benefits?

Mold Prevention

concrete waterproofing

By inhibiting the surface's ability to hold water, concrete waterproofing stops mold and mildew from growing freely over the structure. This improves the air quality of your space and lowers the risk of health problems associated with mold, like allergies and asthma. 

Prolonged Structural Integrity

When water enters a concrete structure, it begins to weaken the material's bonds and speeds up the processes of breakdown and decay. This causes buildings, walls, and floors to lose structural integrity, making them weaker and more likely to fail under stress. Sometimes, the moisture can even reach the rebar inside and cause it to rust, leading to even more severe integrity problems.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Less damage to the surface also means lower maintenance costs and less frequent issues. After storms or water events, cleaning up is much easier. Concrete waterproofing also protects the paint, any electrical components within the walls, and surrounding woodwork. 


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