Like most people, my auto insurance comes out of my bank account every month.  I have been doing it like that for 30 years.  As time goes by, people forget what they used to pay.  An extra 10 dollars a month becomes 20. You add a new car or a child to your policy because it is convenient and may not even question the new price.  I just fell in the same trap.  I looked at my own insurance rate this month and my bill was 131.00 a month!  I do quotes all day and see rates much lower than this and sometimes people have more cars than I do.  Bottom line, I reran my insurance with all my carriers and received a price of 87.00 a month.  That is a 528.00 savings for the year for the exact same coverage.  Reach out to me and let's see how much I can save you.  Pinski Consulting 513-759-0999 or

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