When you have an energy-efficient home, you don't need to rely on the HVAC system as much to keep the living space comfortable. However, when air is flowing in and out of the property, you may notice rising utility bills and wonder how to increase the overall efficiency. From having a siding contractor update the exterior to replacing the windows, below are several methods to maximize energy use.

How Can You Make a Home More Energy-Efficient?

1. Replace Windows

Many traditional windows only feature a single pane of glass. However, these do not create a tight seal for the home, allowing air to pass through small openings around the edges. Replacing these models with double- or triple-pane windows will help prevent air transfer. These varieties have an inert gas between the panes, preventing air from transferring. This helps reduce reliance on the HVAC system, saving energy and money.

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2. Install New Siding

Siding acts as an extra layer of insulation to protect your home from the elements. However, if the material features cracks or is no longer flush with the home, it cannot block outdoor air effectively. A siding contractor can replace it with new vinyl that provides a thermal barrier, preventing indoor air from leaving the home and blocking outdoor warmth from entering. 

3. Get New Doors

Normal wear and tear over time may cause your property's exterior doors to develop fissures and gaps around the edges. This allows cool indoor air to escape and lets moisture into your home, which can result in more frequent HVAC cycling to cool the space and remove humidity. Upgrading old models to vinyl or fiberglass doors with new weatherstripping forms a tight seal that prevents these issues.


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