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Wine & Spirits at 130 Main
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130 Main St, Boonville, NY 13309

About Wine & Spirits at 130 Main

When you need refreshing beverages for an upcoming gathering or celebration, Wine & Spirits at 130 Main offers a wide range of wine and liquor for you to enjoy no matter what you’re celebrating. Located in Boonville, NY, this liquor store is your one-stop-shop for all your wine and spirit needs, from local whiskeys to national favorites. 

The staff at this liquor store takes great pride in serving all the items you need to make your favorite beverages. Whether you prefer a simple glass of red wine or you’re a master at mixing your own cocktails using rare liquors, these staff members will help you navigate their wide selection to find an option that will satisfy your taste buds.

From sweet rum to mix your pina coladas to the finest whiskeys to sip neat or on-the-rocks, Wine & Spirits at 130 Main is your top choice for potent, rich spirits. Their shelves are stocked with international favorites and local vodkas, bourbon, and other liquors.   

Settle in for the evening with a refreshing glass of sweet Moscato, your favorite dry red, or refreshing white wine. Whether you want to buy your favorite wine or try a taste of something new, like a bottle from the local Thousand Islands Winery, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at this liquor store. To help you save some money, they offer a deal of 10 percent of all cases of wine.

Stop by Wine & Spirits at 130 Main to shop for local or nationally recognized spirits and wine. This liquor store offers a wide range of wine and liquor to help you relax after a long day or celebrate an upcoming occasion. Visit their store today or give them a call at (315) 942-2212 to find out more. 


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