In the last two years, one in five health care service providers has quit their jobs. This mass departure of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical professionals has been a big component of what is being called the Great Resignation. If your hospital has been affected by this increasing trend in workers leaving their professions, learn more about its causes and possible solutions below.

What to Know about the Great Resignation in Health Care

Why are providers resigning?

The main cause of the Great Resignation is the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation has overtaxed the American health care system to a breaking point, resulting in increased stress, anxiety, and depression among medical professionals. 

Health care service providers have had to deal with both misinformation about the pandemic and overly combative patients, all while trying to avoid infection themselves. Work hours and responsibilities have increased, and, in some cases, hospitals and clinics have not had access to the resources they need to care for people and stay safe. These instances have understandably led to significant burnout—and, unfortunately, people leaving the industry in droves.

Why does this matter?

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The Great Resignation will only exacerbate the shortage of health care service providers, as there may be a shortage of up to 3.2 million medical workers by 2026. This situation means that there may not be enough qualified professionals to treat the effects of the ongoing pandemic, the needs of an aging population, and those with chronic diseases or life-threatening health conditions. 

What can be done?

Health care organizations can mitigate the effects of the Great Resignation by ensuring their workers feel valued. Increased pay, clear communication about protocol and policy, and childcare and transportation support can help you retain staff during these challenging times. 

You can also decrease the risk of burnout for health care service providers by providing access to protective equipment, creating supportive environments, and reducing their workload with better teamwork. 

Is this trend expected to last?

For the short-term, yes. Across all industries, about 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January of 2022. This number remains close to the record level set in November of 2021.


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