Coordinating collision repairs with your insurance carrier should be the first priority following an accident. However, if this is your first time, a few details may be confusing. Here is a guide to help reduce misunderstandings by understanding what you can do after an incident.

What Should You Know About Collision Repair?

1. Costs Depend on the Appraiser

Insurance companies dispatch their in-house appraisers to assess the extent of damage to your vehicle. However, not all appraisers are skilled enough to identify what issues stemmed from the accident. If they are unaware of the problems, they may underestimate repair costs and not provide enough compensation to fix your automobile. Gauge their expertise by inquiring about the degree of the damage to your car, including visible and hidden issues. Compare their estimates to those of a skilled technician to see whether they're on the mark.

2. Repairs Restore a Vehicle's Condition

collision repair

Because a car was never the same after an incident in the past, many still believe this concept remains valid. However, repairs can now leave a vehicle as good as new. Technicians are trained extensively to meet a manufacturer's original specifications. Rest assured your repaired automobile retains its functionality, structural integrity, and appearance as if the accident never happened.

3. Damages Aren't Always Obvious

Avoid dismissing any damage as minor. A collision impacts the entire vehicle, including the wheels, frame, suspension, and drivetrain. Look for issues such as loud sounds, sudden pulling to one side while driving, difficulties in steering, and rougher ride quality. Opt for a full inspection for a more accurate estimate of necessary repairs.

4. Collision Repairs Require Expertise

While many stores offer DIY repair kits that seem simple, they often do more harm than good to a damaged vehicle. When you attempt to fix the car on your own, the dents may deepen, the paint might chip off, and some parts may loosen. These incidents might happen because collision repairs aren't as easy as they look. Technicians undergo training and use various tools, equipment, and techniques to restore an automobile's condition.


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