Most often used in commercial construction, pre-engineered steel buildings are metal-framing systems that are designed and manufactured off-site. Once the pieces are built, they are shipped to their final destination for full assembly. Read on if you’re wondering how this type of building could benefit your construction project. 

Why Choose a Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

1. Continual Cost Savings

Once they’re erected, the durability of steel means many insurance companies will offer discounted premiums for the building. While not all commercial buildings require insulation, pre-engineered buildings can be designed to fit thick layers of energy-saving insulation. This reduces HVAC costs across the building’s entire lifespan. Unlike other building materials, steel is resistant to rot, mold, insects, and rough weather, so it requires little to no annual maintenance. This keeps building upkeep simple and cost-effective.

2. Speed of Construction

Pre-engineered buildings are based on existing designs that have taken building codes, local weather needs, and other important details into consideration. While they can be modified to meet custom needs, having the base structure already crafted makes the building process quick and efficient. With pre-punched assembly points, there’s no need for time-consuming on-site welding. Work with a design and build service to further streamline the process and get a completed building with minimal construction time. 

3. Sustainability

steel buildings

Between their long life spans and the high-recyclability of steel, pre-engineered metal buildings are an extremely eco-friendly design choice. If the project is ever demolished, the materials will be repurposed, rather than ending up in landfills. Because the material is naturally pest-resistant it doesn’t get treated with potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides. Since the design is precisely measured and engineered off-site, the building process doesn’t bring waste into the local community. 

4. Flexibility

Many commercial buildings have special construction needs, from custom doorways for auto shop bays to wide-open interiors for maximized warehouse space. Pre-engineered steel buildings can be matched to each client’s specific business needs. Since finishes can be added to make the project mimic traditional building materials, they offer all the benefits of steel as well as the welcoming look of more traditional, but less versatile materials. Business needs can change and grow over time, and these interlocking frame designs make it simple to add additional rooms or space at a later date. 



If the benefits of a pre-engineered steel building sound like they would be right for your project, contact Rigid Builder & Christa Construction in Rochester, NY. This skilled building team was founded in 1982 and has remained dedicated to serving its local community. From concept to final touches, their combined 300 years of experience allows them to consistently produce efficient and high-quality results. Call (585) 924-3050 to speak to a custom building expert today, or learn more about their design/build services online.