Even as summer comes to a close, outdoor temperatures can still stay high for a while, which can pose health hazards for seniors. Many seniors can be negatively affected by high temperatures and excess sun exposure, which is why caregivers must ensure they're protected. While spending time in the sunshine is beneficial, the following advice will help keep your loved one safe in the heat.

How to Keep Seniors Safe in the Heat

1. Be Careful When Planning Outdoor Activities

The sun is at its hottest between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. During these hours, seniors have the greatest risk of sunburn or overheating. Schedule any outdoor activities, such as walks or gardening, early in the morning or later in the evening during the summer. On very hot days, limit outdoor time and stick to shaded areas. If your loved one is spending time in the sun, make sure they're protected with sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, and protective clothing.

2. Provide Plenty of Water


Water is key to preventing dehydration, which is a real concern when the temperature starts to rise. Older adults are often less sensitive to the feeling of thirst, meaning they may not recognize when they are dehydrated right away. Make sure your loved one always has a glass of water handy to help them drink enough. Reducing alcohol and caffeine intake also helps prevent dehydration, so make sure your loved one is only indulging in moderation. 

3. Keep the Home Cool

When it comes to home cooling equipment, make sure your loved one's HVAC air filter is changed at least once every three months. Not only will a clean filter improve the home's air quality, but it will also boost energy efficiency when properly maintained by ensuring a steady flow of cool air through the equipment. If the senior's home is still too hot, add curtains to block heat from coming in through the windows and turn on any nearby fans.


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